Megan and Tim

Megan and Tim were engaged recently and are getting married November 29th. Enjoy.Engaged-0866

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Fairy Tale Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Lyle and Caroline on 12/12/09.  What is funny is that I named my bridal session with Caroline “Fairy Tale” and on the wedding night a little girl told her mother “Mommy I just saw a real life princess” (referring to Caroline).  The wedding and the church was breath taking and the reception was beautiful!  Here is a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding.



Bag Pipes?

Bag Pipes?

















Til Death do us ...

Til Death do us ...

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

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In the bars and the cafes, passion
In the streets and the alleys, passion
A lot of pretending, passion
Everybody searching, passion

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Engagement Session

Friday after work I had an engagement session for Susan Hall who is set to be married later this month…  I had a busy weekend with family and finishing up a sample senior book and burning copies of cd’s for previous photosessions. 

Leave me some comments so I know who is reading my blog and let me know where you are from…



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James and Lacy

James and Lacy
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Busy, Busy weekend! Friday afternoon I ‘bit the bullet’ and ordered the Canon 5d Mark II (which I really want here yesterday). Saturday on a cold blustery day I had a wedding with the fabulous Marie Q www.marieq.com. The wedding went without a hitch the bride was beautiful and everyone had fun. On Sunday I met Jame and Lacy at the Ellis County Courthouse for their engagement photos for their August wedding… We had fun and more pictures to come…

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